Manikaran Sahib is situated on the banks of river Parvati, at an altitude of 1,760.

The place is believed to have taken name from Sanskrit word Mani, meaning precious gemstones.

According to legends, when Lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvati came to earth, the goddess lost her precious gem.

The lord sent his army in search of the stone but they were unsuccessful, this angered Shiva.

This prompted Tandava evoking the destructive forces of nature.

According to locals the Gurudwara came into existence after 50 years of struggles of Baba Narain Hari.

The history can be traced back to the time when Guru Nanak Dev Ji asked Bhai Mardana Ji to collect food for langar.

People donated rice, beans, and flour but the only problem was that there was no fire to cook upon.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji directed Bhai Mardana to move a rock. After moving the rock, a hot water spring started.

Rice and beans were boiled in it, but chapati sank into the water. Guru Nanak asked Bhai Mardana to pray.

Surprisingly the Prasada afloat back and till date the food is cooked the same way.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, everyone's loss will come back if one donates in the name of god.

Best time to visit Manikaran Sahib is from March till June

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